“Apicella (The Elephant Man) and Tiffany Card…perform wonderfully together…”
“It is an electric moment of theatre.” -George J. Dacre, Rockland County Times

“The costumes and makeup are outrageous, probably best exemplified by Tiffany Card who plays Little Becky Two Shoes, a very pregnant disheveled looking tart of a woman whose facial expressions are priceless.”

-George J. Dacre, Rockland County Times

In roles as diverse as Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday, to Mother Theresa, Mom, Ann Marwood Bartle and talk show host Debra Moorhouse in Jeffrey (Where she inhabited no less than nine separate characters), to April White in Savage in Limbo, she has consistently proven her ability to solidly conquer any role she puts her talents to. A BFA in acting from Ohio University, stage training with David Gideon, film training with Jonathan Strauss, voice training with Peter Jones, and stage combat training in hand to hand, rapier & dagger, and quarterstaff, Tiffany is well-versed and comfortable in anything from dramas and musicals to voice-overs and print work.

She combined her work life with her theatre life by playing speechwriter Clarice, in David Mamet’s November.  Other highlights: Brooke in Noises Off,  Lydia in an off-off-Broadway production of Spike Heels,  Erma in Anything Goes, as Prosecutor Myers in Witness For The Prosecution (A role normally reserved for a man, which by all accounts, she made her own),  and as the sweetly wicked Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest . She can also be heard reading Wuthering Heights for books on tape.

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